Why Should You Choose Need Simple Website?

In our current world wide web, most websites are made of WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and other platforms. If we take WordPress, for example, it is not considered much safe anymore. Behind the cool template designs there are some serious truths very few people know. Until then, they might get in a mess where they regret it afterwards. However, the reason for most people to use WordPress to design their websites and because that is the only way they were told how they should consider making a website. Just for a simple website we are going to a WordPress developer or other online web building solutions and draining our pockets with monthly and yearly bills which is hard to even handle as a starter business.
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WordPress was mainly meant for making free blogging platforms and not for programming or designing websites. About 99% of business owners are never able to effectively manage or even edit their own website. I'm sure that you have seen some people call WordPress a CMS (Content Management System). Selling CMS misleads clients into believing that they would be able to do the management of their own website after it has been created. But in reality they end up paying the designer to make all the further edits. They also end up paying for updates and the repairs which occur because of WordPress. Although WordPress continually updates their code and sends out patches to fix problems, someone has to install the patches on your website. There you have to tell and pay your expert designer to do that for you or else you are on your own with your buggy website.
One of the worst problems with WordPress is the security issues in the code. Most of it can be attacked by hackers and viruses. WordPress does not offer security and protection as a part of their free templates. Not only does it make your website a target for attackers and hackers, but also all the other websites on the same server become potentially vulnerable. You can purchase a plug-in from a 3rd party, but even those are not 100% safe and they can cost between $90 and $100 every year. You would have to purchase plugins all the time and pay for it as long as you are running your website. This includes plug-ins like security managers, code backups, link testing, search engine optimization, forms, calendars, tracking, comparisons, monitors and auditors, and more.
WordPress websites have no flexibility if you see a design and want a different implementation, for example, you want the image to be on the other side or do something custom. Not possible. As it is a total template-based website builder, it offers you less customizability. Not just that, but also the page loads very slow; the sharp images which you want the users to dazzle become 90% compressed, which loses it's quality by default in WordPress. Because of the dozens of plugins which makes your website look like a power socket more than a website. It becomes totally dependent on expensive plugins. Just for a simple website, people pay so much for something so little. All WordPress website pages include unchangeable and also unwanted HTML code like auto pingbacks. This negatively impacts the process of the website's search optimization by making Google believe that you are manipulating the clicks made on your website. But don't worry because there is a third party plugin that will stop the pingbacks for $40 a month. The major impact from a websites point of view is poorly written. WordPress code also means that your forms often don't work and it won't submit the form data properly. Which may become the biggest downfall of your website's database management.
That is just WordPress, which is the current market leading because of it's trend and ignorance for people who research less about it. The other platforms are mostly the same with some added features but still, the main thing they lack is customizability, which we can provide as a designers point of view, We also make design and redesign of your current websites which you are thinking to remove or relocate from WordPress to our custom made web development solution. Never need to pay monthly fees like WordPress where they drain your pockets empty every month.
What You need is a simple & easy website maker for the design and redesign of your business website. People search for I need a simple website and end up with WordPress or Wix which provide you less customizeability and more monthly website cost to drain you empty But in (Need-Simple-Website) we can try to remake or redesign your current websites and if not a better design solution which makes your website fast, easy and simple along with being responsive and user friendly. Our websites are bootstrap built so every page of your website will be designed according to a responsive design layout. We try to do every possible way to make things more easy and simple. Satisfying our clients by giving them a secure, functional and beautiful website they can be happy with.
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We also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which we can optimize so high it will make your website boost in google search engine rankings and also give your site every single checkmarks you need to call your website a professional SEO-optimized website. We follow the guide lines of best way to build a website according to SEO rules and search engine requirements. We can also advise you on what domain name you should pick for your business to flourish and also how to use the proper content to make your website climb on top of search engine rankings. Customer satisfaction is the key to success and that's a motto for our development. We hope to do good business with you and help you with our solution to make a safe, simple, easy and beautiful custom-looking website which you can feel great about.

If you have any question in mind feel free to express with us. Have a normal talk with us using our live chat without even thinking. We would love to talk with you and if you find us good enough maybe we can then start a business deal. There is much more we can provide in terms of design and development, so contact us now and let's get started.