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Learn how the website design & development process works


Every website has an objective. To initiate a project it has to begin with a planning to ensure the projects objectives and it's criteria along with It's target for the market purpose which should be clearly outlined. We work very closely with our clients to ensure they take the right steps to make their project plan and to ensure that their initiation is in the right direction before we step forward on designing or developing any project. So to plan a website you first have to collaborate with the website developers and ask advice on things which you may be unsure or maybe from an expert on planning a website.


Design is the most important part of every website. The development is based on the design. Every website has it's own way of presenting itself with the unique design it has. From wireframing to visual illustrations and responsive layout design, not all custom designs are possible to attain specially if we want it tablet or mobile responsive. In that case we have to reform the design and refine it with slight adjustments by taking out and in from here and there and make it look just fine. To design a website you can hire a web designer or you can give us the link of a template,based upon that we might modify a bit and make your website look like your dream.


After the design is confirmed we come to the initial development process where we try to bring the art to life. It takes a lot of time and hard work to attain what we desire so patience is the key for a beautiful result of any project which is under development. You also have to be cooperative with the developers so you get what you see and what you see is what you get. The development process may take time depending on the complexity of the work, so one thing to note is that there is not fixed time for any work it may finish early or late depending on the work. The client and the developer is in constant collaboration in the development session.


Every website has content meaning texts and multimedia. Content means information made available by a website and it's objective. From video, audio, text to file everything is a part of the content. Contents uphold the true purpose and services of a website and makes the visitor acknowledge what the website is about. It carries the information which is encoded digitally to address the visitors the reason of the websites development. The content is provided by the websites projects initiator which should be you. It is not the work of the developer to write content as the developer is not the owner of the business you are. You can hire a content writer if you need content for your website. If the content is SEO friendly you will get good result in search engines.


In the process of developing the website we do several tests on how the website is adapting to the design layout based on the design. We also test the forms, database, and also the mailing service setup along with other important things related to the website. Checking everything in full detail which we may have missed, tweaking here and there. Making the website more polished and refined, each and every flaw we try to amend. We generally test the responsiveness of the design and layout and how well it is performing on web browsers. After a long period of tests and hard work we confirm our clients satisfaction, then we proceed for the initiation of publishing.


After the client is fine with the design and the development we publish the website in the webserver and it is ready to be vied in the published domain publicly. But for the website to be indexed in search engine it has to be submitted so people can find it when they search it in search engines. Without submitting to search engines it may or may not get indexed. In some search engines your website get indexed auto but for assurity it is better to index the page correctly as no one would want their website to get in serious problem. So collaborating with the developers is the most important thing after publishing there are more works to be done.
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