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Here are some frequently asked questions which you have in your mind. If you have something more to know then please have a live chat with us for free.
There is no doubt that everyone in the current generation will always keep a website if they have a decent audience and supporters. Even if you have social media to do your business marketing, you still must have the website. Suppose you have a group or a channel now, if someone searches your group but finds a website similar to your groups name then they would think it is your website. But it is not! Astonishing as it sounds, people may even use your Facebook group or twitter channels to do personal gain for their business by just buying a domain name similar to your group or channel name So keeping just a group or a channel is not safe at all. That is the reason you need to have a website to have the professionalism of doing true social media marketing or to have true control over your hard-earned audience. They can even copy the links of your group and put it in that website making people think that is the official website of your group which might bring shame to your name, people may take advantage of your work by just buying a website domain name to your Facebook, Instagram group or twitter channel name which are highly optimized for Google's search engine. So whenever they search for your group in Google, it will show them the website which matches your group name on top and your group at the bottom. Now you would not let some one else buy a domain in your group names and make a nice website out of it, would you? No. Then quickly buy a website domain and start it up with a webpage developed by us which will seal the deal for the stealer.
The thing you actually need is very easy and simple. You just show what you have to offer to the people and what is the website all about. It can be about yourself, your business or a product anything which you can offer to the people and present it in a beautiful way digitally to the world wide web so people can see your work and art the way you want them to see, you can put it right on your website. If you put decent content which is search engine keyword optimized then your pages might rank very high in google search engines rankings which will give you free audience based on the keyword content which you have published in your website. Some times the content and its quality is the biggest advertisement. The content is generally written by you as the website owner, but if you need us to give you some ideas or help, we can provide that too based on certain conditions. You as the owner of your website have to provide the images, text articles or any multimedia you want to uphold on your website. Remember that it is your responsibility for it to be free from any copyright, or else you might face a copyright strike or worse. So to know more, you can ask the websites developers about it to know more.
Your domain means your property and your cost. Your domain cost is not included in any of our web development services, which means you will be paying for your websites domain from the domain registry you have bought the domain from. If you don't know what a domain is, it is usually the location of a website. The domain must be bought by you as it is your property, not ours. Now be careful when buying a domain as SEO-optimized domains are the key to your business which we are an expert in knowing. So make sure to drop us a line before buying as it is a crucial thing to discuss. But if you already have bought a domain then we will try to suggest you what type of content will make your website more search engine-friendly and make it easier for people to find depending on key words. SEO and content writing is a complex thing and requires deep experimentation, patience and time. So it is a timely process.
The Webhost, on the other hand, is usually the place where your website files are placed and hosted and also the place where you get the database and email services and more. There are many web hosts, some are cheap, some are premium, but we would recommend using hostinger, whois or hostgator. But it is totally dependent on your wish where you want the web host from as some of them face many problems with server and also the settings. So you better be careful in choosing your web host or there will be trouble which might cost you more. So be careful when you are buying the web hosting service and see if the features are reasonable and fulfills your needs. As you have to pay for it monthly or annually know your services and needs before buying it.
The time it takes to develop your own website is totally dependent on you as a client, how long it takes you to provide the website content which you want to show on your website, and the complexity of building the website and it's design. Most of the Basic to Standard websites can be completed within 1 - 2 days to 2 - 3 weeks or even months of the consultation time period if it is a fully custom website. It may even take more time depending on many factors which you will come to know when developing the website. During the development of your website you will be constantly emailed messaged and shown how your work is going, even previews and screenshots of your beta website, we always are in close engagement with the client to tell them how the website is being build or if they want something more added. So the more engaged our clients are, we find the projects better and the client-satisfying. We want you to engage with our work and we are happy to provide as much as we can in our knowledge to help you out. There are things which might not possibly be able to do because of obvious reasons which we would surely inform. If there maybe a design you like and we might adjust the design the way we are able to make than that is a compensation, you might have to take humbly as not everything is possible to make things clear. So we would tell you everything by just seeing the website design you submit if the work is possible or not possible. And even if it is totally not possible, then there is an alternative way to make it possible with some minor changes, and you are ready to make a deal with us.
The first thing you will have to do is fill out our contact form which you can find by scrolling the webpage or by clicking Contact from the menu. Then you fill in the initial details which you are told to put and just send us the message and we will receive an email and reply you back. For quick response you can also use live chat which is much better and quick responsive. But sending emails is more interactive. You can also contact us by using Telegram Messenger, which is highly encrypted, meaning none of your chats or information will get disclosed to any one, not even the id and passwords you send. After you send us the email detailing what kind of website you want and what the design should be like, we will then confirm from our side if the work is possible and let you know how much it would cost. As we said in our pricing, there is no fixed price for a website but there is a minimum amount which us the developers, charge no matter how easy a website, maybe as it is a standard for us developers not to work cheap and keep our profession at the level it should be. We do it when we do it, and we don't when we don't. So it is completely dependent on the developer to set the price. You can also tell us your budget price for making the website which we then may negotiate, after that we will send you an email or a message. When all negotiation is done and everything is clear and mutual from both sides, we go to the payment process.
To start your first deal for making a website you would have to accept our terms and conditions and make a contract. After the contract has been made mutual to both you and us then you have to send us 50% payment in advance and the rest of the 50% you pay after we have shown you the finished work. Some people pay 100% as their trust is higher and usually they don't have any superstition, so as a reward for their trust we work quicker for them and very dedicated. Trust is the key here, so we are faithful to our service which you won't have to worry about when making a payment or getting your website, even for your personal information. Remember that if you need anything extra added to your website after you have confirmed what you want in your website as the price is based on what you have confirmed. Anything additional you ask after the websites development it is upon the developer to decide a fixed the price for anything additional you want to add to your website. It will cost you additional payment which you would be informed first, then the payment and then comes the work and initiation. For the additional work usually we take full payment as it is a small amount.
After your website full payment is done we then go for publishing your website on your webhost server and then it goes in to the search engines. Search engine indexing is a lengthy process because it, totally dependent on the search engines which is out of our hands, might take 2 - 4 weeks or even a month for the search engines to crawl your full website and it's pages, and then every one can see your page just by searching in google or other search engines. But it is a long term process, so it does take time, and precision.
If you have paid for a website and are willing to continue developing or to make changes every month or so, you then have to pay a monthly fee to us or you can pay us for a whole year for the same service and get special discounts and still get the service anytime in that year. The services include already published objects only, such as texts and multimedia such as photos, audio, video, documents or files anything related to digital content or media. For adding anything new to your website or something more advanced or design-changing editing, it depends on the depth of the work and the price is set according to the service charge set by us, meaning the developers. After completing your website and going live with your site, we will correct any major errors free for the first 15 days. After that time period, it will cost additional charges. So be sure to check your website as we will ask you for your websites confirmation.
Time is a valuable thing. For both our clients and us. When we work we negotiate with our time and effort to make a project successful. We may work with multiple clients at the same time, which is a hard job to do day and night. But still we will try our best to give you our working time. We may compensate each other in difficult circumstances. As your website developer, we always maintain a good relationship no matter what. Any problem you face you just write to us or do a simple quick chat and we try to help you as much as we can. We will reply to you as soon as possible via chat or email.
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